Welcome and when on vacation visit Aruba beaches and discover information about the best places for private and public for swimming, tanning, sunbathing and all watersports on the island. 

This gallery has  photos and pictures of Arashi, Eagle, Palm, White Sand, Manchebo, Hadikurari, Baby Beach and Druif that are the top 10 of top Caribbean for swimsuits, sexy swimsuit models and a few topless. not allowed is nude on the islands but sunbathing and tanning in a bikini or extreme bikinis is fine. Enjoy the views with many Palm tree and Jerry's travel tips for finding secluded areas along the coast. Walking along the beaches in the soft sand feeling the warm breeze off the ocean by the resorts and hotels or seaside you are sure to see a few babes in a new bikini or new swimsuit. As a tourist refer to the tourist guide or videos about vacations and relaxing spas or, ocean temperature during your trip planning of family vacations or singles trip. Daily beach reports and conditions reported. As a traveler make your own report about your vacation here.

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These are the best coastlines in the world with the everlasting cool breezes and warm climate it is the best place on earth for relaxing. There are many areas of beach and ocean front on the island, and most of them are on the southwest coast. You will find divi trees- which naturally bend to the southwest along with palm trees along the coast and all around the island. Here’s The Story


Arashi  is near the California Lighthouse and the furthest on the northwestern end of the island. White sand great for tanning and sunbathing. there are no facilities here but there are some within walking distance at neighboring areas.

Palm- the most popular beach where most of the high rise resort hotels, timeshares and activities are going on. From here you view the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. most of these hotels along this coast are open to the beach and offer snack and drink bars. You will see many beautiful inground pool areas with waterfalls, gardens and some with animals and birds. At peak season it gets crowded here but not for too many hours. Vacationers usually only spend a couple of hours  in the sun. It is a family area and you will find all ages here from adult to children playing with toys in the sand. This is where Marriotts Vacation Club Timeshares are located.

Hadicurari - next to Palm, where fisherman leave from at night and return to in the morning. also the place for parasailing and windsurfing.

Baby  - very calm shallow warm waters with little or no waves excellent place for younger children and beginer snorkeling, swimming, and wading. for adults a perfect place to lay back read a book or just relax. there are no facilities here so be prepared before you arrive to beach.

Boca Catalina - white sand, colorful fish and good for snorkeling. no facilities and bring food, snacks or drinks.

Boca Grande - near the islands eastern end, the waters can have strong currents.

Boca Prins - only accessible by SUV or 4x4, rocky area, not for swimming but beautiful dramatic coast with white water waves and splashing oceanfront. Sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended for walking out here the surface is very rough rock.

Boca Tabla -Bachelors - good snorkeling and windsurfing. No facilities and not really good for swimming

Dos Playa - this is only accessible by four wheel drive or SUV vehicles or off road Jeeps. There are some horseback riding tours that go out there also. The waves and water current is very dangerous and NOT advisable for swimming or watersports. This side of the island is pretty much for sightseeing and offroading, or dirt bikes.

Druif - white sand calm waters, sometimes topless sunbathers will tan here and great for swimmers.

Eagle  is Rated one of the 10 best beaches in the world. near the La Cabana Resort and low rise hotel area. There are some palm trees for shade and shallow water areas where you may see some very colorful fish. This is also one of the longest shores.

Grapefield - to the northeast of san Nicolas- very white sand and beautiful turquoise waters and views with a dramatic coast line with rock cliffs.

Malmok - small on the northwestern shore where some of the wealthiest families reside.

Mangel Halto - east end - Savaneta

Rodgers - next to Baby Beach on the eastern tip of the island is near the oil refinery.

Punta Brado- near Manchebo

The best bikini beaches with soft white sand, cool breezes, grass hut, lounge chairs, or just lay on a beach towel and relax for tanning, sunbathing, showing off sexy bikinis.

Secluded private beach
Eagle, Manchebo, Bucuti vacations

The Aruba coast line beaches provides the perfect spot for many watersports like; scuba diving, deep sea fishing, windsurfing, swimming, swimsuits, tanning, sunbathing, sailing and sunset cruises.

Morning walks are the best way to start your day , it is very quiet, serene and relaxing

Sunbathing, tanning, beach watching is great during mid morning to early afternoon.


Manchebo Beach - photo by Jerry
Eagle  photo by Jerry

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Here are some Aruba Photos taken during our many visits.

photos - Palm Beach sailboats - Jerry

Best Aruba Beaches

By What's The Story Jerry?

Aruba Island, this Dutch owned territory in the Caribbean has some of the most beautiful white sand in the world. They are the perfect place for total relaxation with the continuous cool trade winds soft sand and crystal clear waters. Aruba is a great place for family vacations and the coastline is perfect place for many different water sports like - scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing, tubing, waters ports, jet ski, snorkeling and fishing. The island has two very different landscape terrains; the southwest coast has very calm warm waters, white sand, palm trees, divi trees and seasonal breezes. This side of the island is perfect settings for romantic sunsets, sailing, dinner cruises, swimming and all beach activities. The northeast coast has a rocky cliff like landscape with very strong ocean currents and high waves. There are few areas for swimming or water activities on this side of the island but there are breathtaking dramatic sites, natural views, places for hiking, four wheel tours and sightseeing. It is on this side of the island where the Natural Pool and Natural Bridge are located. Although the Natural Bridge has collapsed there are smaller ones forming along this coast in the same area. You will need a four wheel drive vehicle or SUV to travel into this area on your own. There are also horseback riding tours that you can go on to explore the northeast coast.

When traveling to this area of the island it is wise to bring some fruit, snacks and drinking water because there no snack shops around. What clothing to wear? You should wear sneakers, hiking shoes or similar footwear to protect your feet when walking on the rock surfaces and if you are wearing a swimsuit, bring a cover-up for sun protection. The sun's rays are very strong in Aruba and with the constant breeze you may not feel the burning of the sun so care should be taken for protecting your skin to avoid sunburn. Always use sunscreens or sun block when sunbathing, tanning or walking along the coast. Aruba's climate is perfect for sunbathers, water sports, water skiing, para sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, jet ski, tubing, windsurfing, relaxing, cruises, sunset sailing and sun tanning.

Some popular places are; Eagle beach - probably the largest beach on the island, Palm beach - high rise resort hotels and vacation timeshares area of the island with many family activities, Manchebo beach - very wide calm, near the low rise area, Baby beach - very calm shallow water good for children and beginner snorkeling, Bucuti beach, Arashi beach - near the California Lighthouse, Malmok Beach, Druif beach, Surfside Beach, Sonesta Island, Dos Playa - very rough waters and current, Rodgers beach - Hadicurari beach - night fishing area where small boats leave and return to, and Mange Halto beach. There are many private and secluded areas around the island. Topless sunbathing is allowed but be aware of your surrounding vacationers and consideration should be given to other families on the beach with children. Nude sunbathing is not legal or allowed, but there are many private secluded beach areas where you can sunbathe nude. When leaving the beach areas it is recommended to wear a cover shirt or cover up and sneakers or sandals.

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Aruba Beaches....The Best tanning......

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